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Grooming Made Easy and Enjoyable!

We strive to create a product that delivers only the best results. Read rave reviews from our clients.

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What Our Customers Are Saying 

We’re all about making the grooming process easier for you and safer for your pet. Our multi-purpose grooming spray is made from all-natural ingredients and designed to be easy to use, even without water. Take it from our customers; they know our products best! To learn more about our products and retail locations, don’t hesitate to contact us in Callander, Ontario, Canada.

“This stuff is magic!! I have a service dog, and while her access is required by law everywhere the public goes, sometimes we get looks of concern for businesses about a potentially smelly, hairy creature in their midts. Head of the Herd is always in my bag for when we get caught in the rain, or if we go for a walk and it's messy outside. No more wet dog smell! I love the giant bottles that I can fill my smaller travel sized bottles with, that way I always have some wherever I happen to be.

If you need a spray that will kill the smell, this is your spray! with the added benefit of keeping all the bugs away”

Raine Dupuis

“Very impressed with this spray..I needed something safe for mom and foal. Added bonus is the grooming effect! Colt is always clean”

Michelle LoRegio

“Super results! Almost immediately less flies were landing on our donkey! She'd been suffering horribly and now has a chance to heal!”

Wendy Kensington Anson

“Meilleur produit « ever » pour les chevaux

Best product ever for horses”

Lise Ashby Simard

“I tried this product on my mares when shedding their Winter coats, it really helped with brushing and shedding. I was surprised how well it took the tangles out of their manes which is usually a real mess from the hay feeder. Their coats were soft and shiny and they smelled pretty darn good.

Their mane and tails brushed out so nicely and had a nice shine after we finished grooming.

I will also be using now that black flies have started to help give them relief.

A product worth having on hand because of its multi use. Not only for grooming but can be used as a bug spray too

Definitely recommend trying!”

Sylvie Lamothe

“This is a great spray it is good to deter bugs on horses and dogs I also use it on myself. Why use chemicals when you can use a natural product? I used to board at Nancy Cohen's farm and started using it 4 years ago my horses smelled great and their coats were very shiny. I'm so glad it's available closer to home now!!”

Susan Callaghan

“I'm so happy with this product! It's quite literally the ONLY thing that works with my fur babies!

Perks that its all natural and safe to use on me also!”

Chantal Massey

“keeps bugs away and dirt”

Kathy Kinrade

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